Child safety week

Child Accident Prevention Trust – CAPT gives free safety advice to parents and carers & supports professionals working with children and families.

Daisy First Aid Andover talks about the dangers of button batteries to our children.

Button batteries are small, round batteries that come in many different sizes and types. They are commonly used in children’s toys and noisy books, musical greetings cards as well as car key fobs, slim remote controls, thermometers, gaming headsets, kitchen or bathroom scales, fitness trackers and many more products.⠀

Why are button batteries so dangerous?⠀

Most button batteries pass through the body without a problem. But if a button battery – particularly a lithium coin cell battery – gets stuck in the food pipe, energy from the battery reacts with saliva making the battery create caustic soda. THIS IS THE SAME CHEMICAL THAT IS USED TO UNBLOCK DRAINS!⠀

This chemical can burn a hole through the food pipe causing serious injuries and can lead to catastrophic internal bleeding. The reaction can happen in as little as two hours. ⠀

Button batteries are also dangerous if they get stuck in a child’s nose or ear.

Regularly check the battery compartments of toys your children play with particularly those that are bought second hand.⠀

Be aware of items that contain these types of batteries that children might like to play with (e.g. remote controls) and keep them out of reach.⠀

ACT FAST if you suspect a child has swallowed a button battery.

Do not give them any food or drink & seek professional medical help immediately.

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