Childhood memories of TV are the best

The memories you have of TV shows during your childhood are still remembered. And we think you can remember the theme song.

In time, it’s unlikely you’ll recall an Instagram post, a Facebook post or even the name of the detective in ‘one of those crime TV shows’.

But, you may well remember the words of the Fraggle Rock theme song, perhaps you’ll remember Timothy Claypole or Miss Popoff from Rentaghost or even the name of the tiger-type character in the animated ‘He-Man and the Masters of the Universe’.

This week, Andover Radio is remembering some of those classic television programmes from the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s. It comes as Apple TV+ are announcing a light remake of Fraggle Rock. The reasoning behind this is that in 2005, the Jim Henson Company sold Kermit the Frog and The Muppet Show to Disney. The company was left with Fraggle Rock… Disney just didn’t want it.

Fraggle Rock was last on our TV screens in 1987. Although a ‘reboot’ by definition, “Back To The Rock” which will be available to Apple TV+ subscribers this week will be eerily familiar to grown-ups who grew up with the original.

The first of the new series will be available this Friday (21st January 2022).

This week on Andover Radio, locum Breakfast Show host David Harber asks, “Which kids TV shows do you miss, or want to see again?

“We now consume so much media content it’s practically impossible to remember anything good.

“We are all bombarded with so much neatly produced and creative text, photos, videos and memes that their own creativity disappears when the next clever post arrives in your news feed.

“People are making better, brighter and more engaging content on their phones than was delivered by the entire cast of Trumpton, Morph or Fingermouse“.

The television programmes you loved as a child remain in your mind, the music, the characters and their ‘feel good factor’. All inbued when you never had to worry about relationships, mortgages or vacinations.

The chances of remembering their flimsy storyline is unlikely, but that’s not important says radio host David Harber: “Remembering the music to Tony Hart’s ‘Gallery’, the name of the bespectacled hamster sidekick to the ‘magnific’ Dangermouse or the name of the dog in Jamie and His Magic Torch just might remain forever”.

Andover Radio is asking for your memories of childhood TV programmes this week, with their theme songs being played on-air.

And, we think you’ll remember the lyrics.