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Claire Hattrick: Guiding Women to Empowerment Through the Menopause Journey

Menopause is a natural phase of life that every woman goes through, yet it remains a topic shrouded in myths and misconceptions. Claire Hattrick, the Executive Menopause Coach, has made it her mission to provide support, guidance, and education to women navigating their menopause journey. Claire recognized the need for personalized one-to-one support for women struggling with menopause symptoms.

“I have been working in the menopause space for a couple of years now and realized that there were a lot of ladies out there who were struggling with their menopause journey, and I wanted to be able to offer one-to-one support but most importantly, have a recognized qualification to do so,” Claire explains.

For 25% of women, menopause can bring about highly debilitating symptoms, impacting their daily lives and even their ability to hold down a job. Sleep deprivation, a common symptom of menopause, can take a toll on mental health and overall functionality. Night sweats and constant changes of clothing and bedding can leave women exhausted before the day has even started.

“I start by taking a comprehensive look at a woman’s life as a whole, lifestyle, stress, diet, and exercise can play a huge part in their menopause journey. Discussing their options, whether it be HRT or natural supplements and lifestyle changes, so they can make an informed choice and we can put a plan in place to move forward in a positive direction,” Claire emphasizes.

Claire’s expertise extends beyond individual coaching. She offers various menopause presentations tailored for workplaces, employees, employers, men, and women. The goal is to equip every employee with a basic understanding of menopause, fostering a supportive environment and retaining female staff who are valuable assets to organizations.

“There are lots of myths surrounding menopause… Another is that women often say they are ‘through menopause’ when you are actually post menopause for the rest of your life, and hormones can fluctuate at any age,” Claire clarifies.

To ensure accurate and up-to-date information, Claire and her team follow reputable sources like the British Menopause Society (BMS) and stay on top of the latest research. As new information emerges, it is essential to provide women with correct information.

After facing ten years of undiagnosed menopausal joint issues and pain, Claire turned her negative experience into a positive mission. She believes that with the right support network, education, and information, no woman should have to suffer like she did.

“My tips and strategies for other women approaching perimenopause would be, be in the best possible shape you can… Be as knowledgeable and educated as you can… Forewarned is forearmed! You know your body, if you are not happy with what your doctor says, please go back and get a second opinion. Remember… You will get through this phase in your life and there is help out there,” Claire advises.

Claire’s work in providing workplace support has proven to be a game-changer for organizations. Offering regular menopause workshops and presentations, along with providing support for female staff, has saved companies from costly tribunals and employee turnover. As the fastest-growing demographic in the UK workforce, menopausal women need more support than ever.

“I’m already beginning to see some pretty big changes with some organizations who have EDI (equality, diversity, and inclusion) high on the agenda. Our younger generation of women are already more vocal in what they expect from an employer. Lots of them tell me they would expect regular menopause support to be a standard feature of any business in the next five years. Watch this space!” Claire says optimistically.

Through her coaching, presentations, and dedication to education, Claire Hattrick is making a significant impact on women’s lives during this transformative phase. By empowering women with knowledge and support, Claire ensures that menopause becomes a journey of growth, understanding, and strength.

Claire is a pride of Andover Award winner and you can find out more by visiting her website.