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Andover clean up was a wash out

Chris Gregory - Heartflood
Chris Gregory from Andover Town Centre Partnership company Heartflood

Today’s ‘Andover Town Tidy Day’ was a wash out as only a handful of people turned out in the rain to empty bins in Andover town centre.

The event which was supposed to encourage enthusiastic litter pickers attracted only a handful of well-meaning individuals. This is third annual event.

Chris Gregory from the Midlands-based town centre partnership company Heartflood said, “Despite the torrential rain we collected 35 refuse sacks from the town.” Heartflood’s contract ends this year.

A local businessman who wished to remain unnamed said, “Isn’t this what we pay our taxes for? I am genuinely gobsmacked – maybe participants would like me to personally come round and empty their bins, saving the council yet more money while they continue to hike our taxes?”

The event was supported by Simplyhealth, Test Valley Borough Council and UK construction company AMEY who provided a small team of people to paint damaged bollards in the town centre.

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