Council Tax Increase – How They Voted

At the recent meeting of Test Valley Borough Council it was agreed to increase the Council Tax Charge by 4.1% – keeping under the 4.2% that would have triggered a referendum on the result.

Various reasons for and against the rise were put forward however the final result was a vote to increase.

Councillors voted as follows:

For (21)

Anderson, Bailey, Boulton, Brooks, Budzynski, Busk, Carr, Collier, Flood, Giddings, Hatley, Hawke, Hibberd, Hope, Lashbrook, Lovell, Lynn, Page, Richards, Stallard, Ward

Against (10)

Baverstock, Bird, Cooper, A Dowden, C Dowden, Dunleavey, Hurst, Long, Tilling, Tupper

Abstained (8)

Borg-Neal, Brook, Finlay, Neal, North, Robin, J Whiteley, N Whiteley

Unrecorded (9)

Anderdon, Beesley, Bundy, Charnley, Cosier, Few-Brown, Gentle, Hamilton, Johnston,

The highlighted Councillors are the Andover area covering the following wards:

The next County Council Elections are scheduled for 2 May 2013.

TVBC Andover

Image courtesy of Geograph