Covid-inspired Unique Christmas Cards

Fiona Mobbs, is the creative person behind the business “Personal Poet Fiona”. The business began six years ago as a second business. Fiona had no idea that she was creative with words, as her other business was creative in the art of dressing people.

After encouragement from others, Fiona set out to write poems for any occasion her clients requested. Because her poems for her own purposes had all been short and generally fun, this is her benchmark. Her first poems were for business Christmas cards, business networking pitches, a baby-shower, and she has since written speeches for weddings and a retirement. She has been busy with mainly 60th birthday poems this year, but along the way she now has 3 little poetry books available for sale: one for children “Little Rhymes For Young Minds” and two for adults “Little Rhymes for Adult Minds Books 1 and 2”. These can be purchased through her website.

Also, each year Fiona works with her illustrator, Hannah Bottomley, to create a unique Santa poem for a Christmas card. 2014’s was more personal to Fiona, about her cat that had departed, but now she creates them not just for her family and friends but also to sell.

This year’s poem: Santa Overcomes A Modern Challenge, was inspired by the Covid-19 pandemic. Fiona thought children might be worried that they wouldn’t get a visit from Santa if he wasn’t allowed to visit every household! Her Christmas poems are always about Santa overcoming a problem and end on a positive.

Fiona loves to make people smile and wants to inspire people to love words through poetry.

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