Love Andover Team

David Harber

Andover Radio team: David Harber

David Harber,
Founder and Director of Andover Radio and Love Andover

David was forced to work in Andover in 2013.  After a long string of 6-month contracts living all over the south of the UK, he put up a huge fight about why the heck he should want to live and work for 6-months in “that backwater, forgotten Hampshire ghost town”.

Only to discover that it’s one of the best places to live in the UK.

“Andover is clean, safe and has bags of potential”, says the man behind the Love Andover concept.  “When I moved into my house in Andover, a friend said, ‘You look like you’re home now'”.

David was born in Plymouth (an actual backwater town, in Devon) and flirted with education in Cambridge and then Bournemouth before ignoring lecturers for the less lucrative world of broadcasting.  David is an award-winning radio station manager, having worked at brands like Spire FM, The Fire and Juice as well as some of the larger radio groups that now own Heart, Smooth and Capital.

Discovering that ‘local radio’ and making a difference in ‘local areas’ suited his passion, he has owned two stations that are now called “The Breeze”, for which he apologises.

Frequently found supporting the thriving cafe culture in Andover, he claims that a small contingent of people in Andover are its worst enemy.  “People should stop knocking the town they live in and support the huge amount of good work that goes on here.  It will make it a better place for everyone”.

DATE OF BIRTH: Before I can remember.

FAVOURITE MOVIE: I think it’s Forrest Gump. It actually made my cry. But, that will need further explanation.

FAVOURITE MUSIC: I like pretty much all music, depends on my mood. So there’s no reason why you can’t catch me listening to jazz, followed by some Jim Reeves, Eminem then a little bit of Fleetwood Mac.

LIKES: Chelsea FC. 

DISLIKES: Filling in biography questionnaires.