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Ian Beverley, 
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I’m Ian or should I say ‘Bevy’. I’m married to Elaine and live with our two dogs Evans and Dixie.

Music has been a huge interest and passion of mine for many many years; in fact as far as I can remember walking, I’ve been listening to it.

I have a really wide ranging taste in music; although I would say that if pushed I’m a classic and Folk rock fan at heart. Favourite band range from Deep Purple to the Electric Light Orchestra and from squeeze to the police, 10 CC and a whole lot more. I also like music with good vocal harmonies and good lyrics.

Yes, this does mean the Eagles, Crosby Stills and Nash and others. Although, my main music collection is based around the 1970’s, I like music from all eras.

Outside music and radio, I love to laugh. I like comedy; especially traditional British comedy like Only Fools and Horses, Porridge, The Royle family and Open All Hours amongst many more.

I like to chat and meet people. I love sport and also like reading. My favourite authors range from Jack Higgins to Stuart McBride and Steven King to J K Rowling and Peter Robinson. I really like to make the most of life, appreciate those around me and enjoy whatever I am doing.

I love being part of the Andover Radio experience and look forward to sharing that with as many people as possible in Andover. Catch me Saturday afternoons!

IAN BEVERLEY: Andover Radio 12pm Saturdays

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