Get Andover Talking

Get Andover TalkingIt’s happening in Andover and it’s your chance to be part of something good!

What? It’s happening in Andover therefore it will be rubbish?

I’ve been guilty of thinking this myself. But what if everyone overcame their reservations and showed up?

What if the people of Andover persevered, and made a contribution towards making Andover the town they want to see? Isn’t that what Richard aka @AndoverUK has done with this site?

The Energy in Andover is Changing

Some people think it’s too late to save Andover. But some people think Andover is an opportunity; that the fact it’s sometimes lacking, gives us space to find solutions.

It only takes a moment (in a town full of conversations about what could or should be done) to realise that the energy, passion and a shared desire to take action is building momentum.

It will take effort and co-ordination to use it to best effect, for the benefit of the town but…

It’s happening in Andover and it’s your chance to be part of something good!

@AndoverUK (the twitter account) represents people’s desire to communicate via a local platform on local issues and stay connected and informed about what is going on in the town.

The success of the Twitter account has led to this website which gives a more permanent platform to the discussions and information sharing @AndoverUK and its 1,600 local followers take part in on Twitter every week.

In creating this site Richard has been the change he wanted to see – investing his time in a project for Andover because he cares about it. Websites is his thing. What’s your thing? Don’t give up on Andover and your part in it – get on board!

10 ways to Support Andover 

Pick your favourites:

1. Talk to people: show an interest in what people care about and are involved in locally, you’ll be amazed!

2. Support local events: businesses and organisations who are trying to make Andover a happening place need your support – help them make you proud!

3. Spread the word: if you know something is happening in Andover, talk about it, because that’s all this town has got; all that works is word-of-mouth.

4. Be positive – break the habit of doing Andover down.

5. Andover isn’t perfect: if something really isn’t working – try to fix it or find someone who can.

6. Stop making excuses and shop local whenever you can.

7. Stay in the loop with news from @AndoverUK and the Andover Town website.

8. Participate. Your local memberships, sports, volunteering, leisure activities, groups and classes, anything that keeps you active in the community gives you a connection to the local people and the place. So don’t do yourself down – every interaction is an opportunity to make a difference at a local level.

9. Make your mark – seize any opportunity to contribute to positive change in Andover.

10. Look to the future. Now it is time to dream a future, and make Andover a place you feel proud to be part of.

Feeling good about Andover? 

I bet I’m not the only one to have noticed a new energy and the sense that there is hope for Andover through the conversations and happenings taking place throughout the town.

If you’ve noticed it too (no matter how fleetingly) please tell us about it below.


by Maija from Pixink