Get Lucky Playing The Irish Lottery From The United Kingdom!

Did you know that over 2.2 million people play the Irish Lottery? Many people play the Irish Lottery because the odds are better, and they have a good chance of winning a healthy jackpot. No, it is not as big as MegaMillions, but it starts at €2 million, and it rolls over every time it is not won. That is not too shabby! But what if you do not live in Ireland? Do you know where to play the Irish Lotto in the UK?

We will answer these questions and others for you in this article. Hopefully, we will share some other fun and exciting options so you can have a lot of fun and possibly win some major cash.

The National Irish Lottery

This lottery is produced by the nation of Ireland. When you play the National Irish Lottery, you buy a ticket in a store that is a national retail vendor, the Irish Lottery though they have online options, but they are still through the government and the government rules apply.

How to play:

Pick your numbers

  • Write your six numbers in each panel of the playslip

(or) select “Quick Pick” Numbers

  • The computer randomly selects the numbers for you. Write the numbers on the “Quick Pick box” in the panels on your playslip.

Advance play

  • You have the option to play the National Irish Lotto up to a month in advance. Mark the “Advance play box” for the number of draws (in advance) you want to play. Options are two, four, or eight draws. You receive a ticket that shows the number of draws you are in and what dates apply. You claim future wins in the usual way.

How much is the prize?

The prize for the Irish National Lottery begins at €2 million. If there is no winner, the prize continues to roll over until there is a winner. In 2019, a family in Northern Dublin won €175 million.

  • Draws times

The draws are Wednesdays and Saturdays at 7.55 pm. If you want to watch the draws live, they are on RTE’. Or, you can check the results on the results page every Wednesday and Saturday after 9.15 pm.

  • Sale closing times

Sales close at 7.45pm exactly until 7.55pm at retail agents and 7.40pm online on the days of the draw.


Photo credit: Paulo Diniz

When your numbers match, you win.

Matched Numbers                  Winnings

Match six                                 Jackpot – minimum guaranteed €2 million

Match five + bonus                 €100,000

Match five                               €1,5000

Match four + bonus                 €150

Match four                               €50

Match three + bonus               €20

Match three                             €9

Match two                               €3 Daily Million Quick Pick Plus 2 lines

Online Option

You can bet on the Irish Lottery online with a fixed-odds lottery vendor. This means you are not betting on the national game but the results of the national game. It looks the same. It feels the same. It plays the same. When the numbers are chosen, you win the exact same numbers and the same amount. You are playing online with a global industry leader. You are playing online, so you can play online when it is best for you. You are being paid by a lottery site. Large sums are paid by their insurance company, and smaller wins are paid from house funds.

Online sites vs Irish National Lottery

Online sites are licensed and regulated by several organizations. This is essential. If a company is not properly licensed and insured, your data is not safe. Here are some of the most noted:

  • Gibraltar Betting & Gaming Association
  • Malta Gaming Authority
  • Government of Northern Territory
  • UK Gambling Commission
  • Republic of Ireland Licenses National Excise License

●      Western Cape Gambling and Racing Board

With current technology, fixed-odds lotto sites can give players the personal attention of live dealers. Video games are available, as are scratch-offs, Poker, Blackjack, Baccarat, and Roulette.

For UK football fans, they offer a virtual football stadium that is as close to live action as you will find. Esports are trending globally with no end in sight.

As you can see, there is a lot to be excited about in the world of gambling. Maybe this will be the month things will turn around for you. There is fun to be had and money to be won. You may actually be the Irish Lotto winner this time. You will never know if you don’t play!


Whether you bet on the National Irish Lottery in Ireland, or if you use your computer or smartphone or android app and play from the UK or almost anywhere else, you can be the winner. You will soon learn why the Irish are considered lucky. Maybe, just maybe, your numbers could come in. This could be your lucky day.