Goodbye to Year 11’s in Andover

Friday 28th May saw Year 11’s say goodbye to the end of their school days here in Andover. The official leaving date for Year 11s is June 25th 2021, but with no exams in place for this year ,(thanks to Covid). The main secondary schools here in Andover said goodbye to their year 11 pupils on Friday.

John Hanson Community School

Russell Stevens (Headteacher). said, “Today (Friday 28 th May) we said goodbye to our wonderful year 11 students.Throughout their 5 years with us they have been a credit to themselves and to the school. I am convinced they will all go on to do amazing things in the future’

Mrs Jones (Head of Year 11) added ,‘ Year 11 have made us burst with pride today as they left their five years at John Hanson. They were so supportive of one another and of the staff that have cared and taught them for five years. The #captainsof21 are truly a special group of young people.’

Winton Community Academy

Staff at Winton said, “Farewell to a fantastic group of Year 11s. Their hard work over the last half term has been something to behold and we are all very proud of how they have conducted themselves during this very difficult time. It was a joy to see them having fun this afternoon and we were so glad to be able to do something where we could all celebrate together!”

Harrow Way

Harrow Way gives Year 11 an emotional send off

Harrow Way Year 11s were given an emotional send off as students enjoyed their last day at the school. The celebrations started with a special Leavers’ Assembly with Harrow Way decorated cakes, videos, songs, speeches, award ceremonies from tutors and those who had worked closely with the students over the last five. It was two hours of tears of joy and laughter.

For their very last whole-year group photo together, students and teachers gathered on the school field. With confetti canons blasting coloured confetti sky-wards the Year 11s were pictured as the multi-coloured confetti marked the moment in spectacular style.

As is tradition students spent time signing their school shirts, taking pictures and exchanging gifts. When it was time to leave the school for the final time the current Year 7s set up a guard of honour to cheer and clap the leaving Year 11s.

Commenting on his departing Year 11s, Headteacher Michael Serridge said: “The last two years have not been the easiest for these students. Studying for your final GCSEs under look down conditions has been challenging and demanding and yet we could not be prouder of our Year 11. They have shown strength of character and resilience and have remained focused on their studies. It’s been a very emotional day and we wish them all the very best for the future.”

Rookwood School

Their Year 11 children still have a few more weeks left at school, they will share details with us then.