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Great Britain Jujitsu Comes To Andover

Our very own Money Guy – Adam Phillips, local resident, Michael McGarry and heavyweight Alex Gee (Nicknamed ‘Tiny’) who featured on ITV a couple of years ago, when the WCJJO World Championships came to the UK, have came together to form ‘Great Britain Jujitsu’.

‘It is a huge step for us…‘ – Says Adam, ‘We have been fortunate enough to reprsent our country several times and regretfully, our relationship with our previous federation came to a natural end. We wanted to continue to compete and continue to spread the sport that is ‘Sports Jujitsu and so found an opportunity to set up our own Jujitsu federation’.

Mike and Adam both medalling at the national Jujitsu Tournament held in Leigh, Manchester

Mike McGarry owns local martial arts club Kyouken MMA & Jujitsu went on to say ‘I have been involved with martial arts, in particular, jujitsu, for 40 years now, I have met some exceptional people and have always dreamt of setting my own national Jujitsu federation up. This way, we can control the rules of competition, keep people safe and most importantly, allow people to have fun, whilst learning how to defend themselves.

Great Britain Jujitsu is a newly formed federation which is affiliated to the World Council of Jujitsu Organisation. This gives them licence to take teams abroad to compete.

So this got us thinking…What Is Sports Jujitsu?

”Sports Jujitsu is for those who don’t want to just do stand up fighting, but want more than just doing ground work (like Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu). Sports Jujitsu is everything, punching, kicking, throwing, choking, locking – but it has rules. It’s like a softer version of MMA – an amateur sport that still allows you to go work on Monday! I think there is a huge market for this growing sport. We can’t all get in a cage and get our faces smashed in – but a lot of us enjoy the phyicality and psychology of fighting. I think sports Jujitsu fits that bracket nicely…

Adam Goes on…

We will also be doing BJJ (Brazilian Jiu-jitsu) when we hold our annual competitions – mainly because I enjoy that a lot! BJJ is throwing and groundwork (submissions) you aren’t allowed to strike with that, so it’s pretty safe. Most of the fighters I have met are the nicest people, so really looking forward to what the future holds for me, mike, Alex, our club and ultimately, the future for Jujitsu in our country.

If you’d like to get in contact with Adam and Co. Feel free to message him on their Facebook Page

From all of us at Andover Radio and LoveAndover, we wish you all the best of luck for the future!