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Hampshire based Live – in Care agency highlight social care concerns for the Elderly

A new report from The Live – in Care Hub which was published last month (19th May 2021) has provided evidence that personalised ‘live – in’ care for loved ones at home is a safe alternative to traditional residential care.

The purpose of the report is to promote increased awareness to the public and policy makers to ensure social care reform is fit for purpose and sustainable. The report highlights how live – in care is a viable alternative and should be a major part of the future of social care in the UK, focusing on four main considerations of care: safety, dignity and happiness, basic freedoms, and value for money.

Working in partnership with The Personal Social Services Research Unit (PSSRU – a collaboration between the London School of Economics and University of Kent) the Live – in Care Hub have undertaken an extensive secret shopper survey of staff in more than a thousand care and nursing homes, asking them various questions relating to the care and freedoms of their residents.

The results were combined with existing research by the Live – in Care Hub members and wider national data, looking at the safety and wellbeing of those receiving care, to paint a picture of what life in a care home looks like and compare its relative merits to alternative care options. The study unearthed some interesting results surrounding all four focuses of care for the residents in c are homes compared to those with Live – in care. One main conclusion is that Live – in care provides a safer and more dignified living situation, allowing freedom of choice and the means to maintain independence where possible.

Live – in Care Client Mrs . Souster and Carer

The Live – in Care Hub is a not – for – profit organisation that was founded in 2013 which presents information for families researching an alternative to residential care and is represented by a coalition of leading providers that are members of the United Kingdom Homecare Association UKHCA. The Hub is committed to maintain and raise the high q uality of homecare in the UK.

Tiggy Bradshaw, Managing Director, Access Care “The results of this recent research from the Live – in Care Hub are heart – breaking and it is sad to learn that those living in care homes have been significantly more likely to suffer injury after a fall than those of a similar age living in their own homes. Tragically, they have also been more likely to contract and die from COVID over the past year, despite the valiant efforts of staff. We are now urging the Government to consider all care options when reforming social care policy.

We would like to see Live – in care firmly on the list for all individuals considering care when ‘around – the – clock’ care is needed, and a person wishes to remain living in their own home. Working with members of the Live – in Care Hub to promote awareness of the option, this report demonstrates the important of Live – in Care in our society for the dignity, happiness and safety of the individuals requiring care.

Although Covid-19 has brought issues to the fore, these are not new issues within our industry, and I urge families to consider Live – in Care when thinking about the future of their parents’ dignity, health and safety.”