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John Hanson School Careers Fair – Success

On Wednesday 16th October, John Hanson Community School played host for Careers Day where local schools brought their year 11’s to John Hanson to walk through the different career types and education centres available. There were 100’s of students all getting a valuable insight into the world .

There were so many businesses there – testament to local businesses supporting local education.

Adam Phillips at John Hanson Community School for Careers Day

Businesses included:

  • Andover Radio
  • It’s The Money Guy
  • Test Valley Borough Council
  • Scientific Management International
  • Royal Navy
  • Basingstoke ITEC
  • Wiltshire College
  • Hampshire Constabulary
  • Aecom
  • L3 Commercial Training Solutions
  • Hays travel
  • Peter Symonds College
  • Beale Park
  • National Citizen Service
  • Wellington Academy
  • Newbury College
  • BCoT
  • Stannah Stairlifts
  • Wessex Archaeology
  • Barratt Homes
  • Fledglink
  • Lloyds TSB
  • Bishop Wordsworth’s School
  • SCL
  • Sparsholt College
  • Andover College
  • British Army
  • Andover District Mencap
  • Sun

As You can see, there was a lot of businesses! All varying from educational centres through to 1 band man businesses such as my own, telling the students all about self employment.

Whilst I was there, I asked a couple of students about their career, here’s what they had to say…

Lauren – 15 – I would love to get into Animal Management, there’s always something to do, i’d need a Science/ English and Maths GCSE and then it depends which direction I go as to what kind of qualification I need next.

Elisha – 15 – I also want to get into Animal Management! I don’t mind if its at a local Farm or a National Zoo, I don’t even mind what kind of animal it is!

Luca – 15 – I want to get into Plumbing , it’s quite hands on, physical and it’s something which everyone will need help with at one point or another. Failing that – I quite like marketing too, so we’ll have to see.

Dan – 16 – I’d like to become a footballer, I will go onto College, but i have no idea what subjects I want to take yet.

Josh – 15 – I’m looking to get into IT – in particular – gaming, maybe designing PC games or playing games and getting paid for it. IT is the way the world is going, so i think it’ll be a good business to get in to.

Jack – 15 – Not sure what I want to do, just have to se which way the winds blows I suppose!

Tia – 15 – I want to get into Travel and tourism or Drama, I’m going to go to BCoT College first though.

Karen – 16 – In The future I want to go down the course of drama.

Bud – 15 – SHOUT OUT TO DIANE WEDGE! SHE WAS 48 ON SUNDAY- Happy Late Birthday!

Students responding to the question what is it you’d like to do after you leave school.

As you can see there are all kinds of different jobs which students are aspiring to get into, it was a great success for everyone, the businesses involved, the students and the school for hosting such a busy event.

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