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The Andover Space Programme Countdown in on…

Rocket Take Off

Chapel Art Studios (CAS) in Andover are sending launching a spacecraft into the atmosphere – from Andover.

They are looking for people from Andover to get involved and there are seven ways you can join the team at Mission Control, ready for launch in the first week of December.

  1. Suggest names for the spacecraft: Andover Space Programme is working with Andover Young Carers to design the space craft that will be launched from Andover town. The spacecraft needs a name and we want your suggestions – email us here.
  2. Send a message into space: In December, artist Tom Mansfield with the people of Andover will launch a spacecraft filled with words and images representing who we are now and our hopes for the future.
  3. Get like your messages included on the Andover space craft: As Andover’s spacecraft ascends into the stratosphere, these messages will be released, and the wind will spread them across southern England and beyond.

What do you want to say about life on this planet?

  • Upload a photo, record a video or audio message, write a poem and post it to your social medium of choice with the hashtag: #casAIRspace
  • Post a photo to Instagram with the hashtag #casAIRspace

4. Space themed fun day for all ages: On 23rd November 2019 you can be part of a Naming Ceremony – allow time to enjoy a variety of space themed activities at CAS and in the town centre.

5. Write a space themed poem: Chapel Arts Studios (CAS) and Andover Radio are inviting people to submit poems on the theme ‘There’s A Bigger Picture Out There’ to help Andover mark the occasion, and inspire imaginations.

6. Build a Space Soundscape: Imagine Space Sounds – how would space feel? How would space look? How would it feel to be 20km above the earth? Send your ‘space sounds’ to 95.9FM Andover Radio to inspire a soundscape which will be played on Launch Day. If you want to share your sounds with us on social media use #casAIRspace

Coming up: There will be a ‘Space Soundscape Workshop’ at CAS hosted by David Harber from Andover Radio on 23rd November as part of our Space Craft Naming Day activities.

7. Creative activities at home, school, or Mission Control: CAS are building an Andover Space Programme Handbook which will include fact sheets from Mission Control and creative activities to inspire all ages. You will be able to download the pages to complete at home or come along to CAS on 23rd November to collect a paper copy and your Andover Space Programme Passport.

The Andover Space Programme will culminate in an exhibition at Winchester Science Centre and Planetarium.

Mission Control will employ a ‘chase car’ and do our utmost to recover the spacecraft and the camera footage from it’s flight – listen to 95.9FM Andover Radio for updates on launch day weekend – and come along to see the culmination of the project when details are announced.

About the author

David Harber

David Harber is the founder and Managing Director of Love Andover, including the Love Andover Observer newspaper and 95.9FM Andover Radio. He is a fellow at the Royal Society of Arts and a card carrying member of the Nation Union of Journalists.