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Keeping cool this summer with Alligator Heating & Cooling

With extensive knowledge and a friendly approach, Alligator Heating and Cooling Ltd supply and fit only the very best systems from leading manufacturers, complete with full warranties and after-sales care. Alligator is your local expert for all Heating and Cooling solutions for your home, office or commercial premises.

Air Conditioning, myths debunked…

If you’re thinking about getting an air conditioning system in your business or home, you may be wondering whether the things people have been telling you are true or false.

With our extensive experience and access to the latest AC technologies the Team at Alligator Heating and Cooling are best placed to advise.

Air conditioning systems are expensive? (True/False)

False. Air conditioning systems are reasonably priced compared to years ago. Using a reputable company like Alligator HC, we will listen to your requirements and suggest a system that’s within your budget. Our systems start from £995 installed.  (No VAT on residential Installations)

Air con systems don’t need servicing. (True/False)

False. An air conditioning system needs to be serviced to ensure it works efficiently and to maintain your product warranty (up to 7 years). An annual service will clean the system thoroughly, eliminating any bacteria, making sure that everything is working correctly. Without it, your system could become 5% less effective each year.

Air con systems are only used for cooling (True/False)

False. Modern AC units can pump out cool and warm air. Using air con to warm up a room can be up to 75% more efficient than switching on central heating.  *Source Energy Savings Trust

Having air con can cause you to have a cold (True/False)

False. Air conditioning unit draws air from a room and recirculates the air over cooled or warmed coils. The air passes through a series of filters, purifying systems within the AC unit before it goes back into the room. This process results in fresher and cleaner air. Some of the latest systems that also kill bacteria.  

Air con is bad for the environment (True/False)

False. Modern air con systems are much better for the environment, reducing carbon footprint and are given energy ratings of A++, A+++.