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Looking out for the pets

2 local charities have teamed up to support family and their pets in response to the cost-of-living crisis.

The Blue Cross shop in town and the Andover Foodbank have been brought together by local Councillor Iris Anderson to provide pet food for struggling families with pets. The Blue Cross will be acting as a collection point for people to donate any pet food that is in date and the Andover Foodbank will collect the donations and distribute to families in need.

Iris said “This is an important initiate that sees 2 brilliant organisations working together for the benefit of the community. We know people will be struggling and people with pets even more so. I’m happy that this has come together. Pets are an extension of the family and this will help families with pets”.

Jenny LeLean the manager at Andover Foodbank said “We are delighted to team up with the Blue Cross and carrying this brilliant idea to local families with pets. This goes with what we are about at Andover Foodbank. We will be collecting the donations from The Blue Cross and will deliver these to families in need”

Paula Plain, manager at the Blue Cross shop said “This is a great way for pets in need to get food and helping the families through these tough times. Huge thanks to Iris for getting this in motion and we are looking forward to receiving donations”

If you want to donate pet food or treats simply take your donation to the Blue Cross shop on the High Street. Food must be in date and by donating you’ll be helping not only pets but the owners as well.