Magic Bags availability in Andover

Every year, one-third of food is thrown away. Too Good To Go is trying to change that. The App, Too Good To Go, works with local business owners in providing them a way to provide the food that would have been just thrown away at a reduced price to users of the App. The magic bags are filled with delicious, surplus food from local businesses near us.

We spoke to three local independent business owners based in Andover Town centre have recently signed up to the Too Good to Go App. Canto Gelato , The Travelling Cupcake and The Andover Tap at The Lamb.

Kelly Jones owner of Canto Gelato told Andover Radio, “I loved the idea of surplus being used and not going to waste. It’s also a great marketing tool, a lot of people picking up magic bags didn’t know we were here. We offer 2 waffles with any surplus fruit or sauce. Looking to add bagels onto it soon”

Beverly Power owner of The Travelling Cupcake told Andover Radio,” We work hard to limit our impact on the environment as a small business, and hate wastage! Using too good to go helps us reduce food waste and so far we’ve saved 287 meals from being wasted”

Tim Abram owner of Andover Tap told Andover Radio, “We joined magic bags for a number of reasons. Firstly, we would waste some 15 pints of good beer during our normal weekly line cleaning, putting it to Magic Bags mean there is no waste. It goes to a good home to someone who is paying less than a pound a pint, and we get a small amount back that we would have lost.”

Other local food outlets on the App in Andover are, Costa Coffee, Greggs, Caffè Nero, One Stop Weyhill Road, Pizza Time, No 78 Coffee, Yates Makes.

The App is free to download and local magic bags are added daily, but you need to be quick as they are snapped up quickly. Every Magic Bag you rescue saves 2.5kg of CO2e – the same as it would take to charge 440 smartphones. Download the App today using this link here and grab yourself a bargain.