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New start for Andover Round Table

Andover’s Round Table is back after reforming in November 2021 and are looking for more members to join the club.

The community group aims to give men between 18-45 the opportunity to explore new experiences, make new friends whilst also giving back to the community through various fund raising activities. The Round Table is global and has a network of over 35,000 members in 60 different countries.

Andrew Mecrow, the chairman of Andover Round Table spoke to us about how he first got involved with the group and how it has helped him, told us “I first got involved with the round table when I moved to Leicestershire, I moved up for work, I didn’t know anyone and I had no connections and I wanted to make friends. I got invited to an event and instantly overnight I had 10 friends who I could call upon if I needed any help or support.”

“So I moved to Andover 6 months ago and again didn’t know anyone in the community and noticed that there was a chapter here in Andover so decided to start it back up and we currently have 10 men that come every 2 weeks who are in a similar position as me as in moving to Andover and not knowing anyone. So far we have done beer tasting at The Lamb’s Andover Tap, curry nights at the Shai Raj, games nights at the Geek Emporium and coffee tasting at Peaberry coffee. With plenty more activities planned. We are also looking to do looking fundraising and supporting local charities.”

“The Andover community has been so welcoming to me and the group and have been very understanding. It has been great to see many young men come out of their shells and coming along.”

The impact of the group and of Andrew has been recognised as Andover Round Table has been nominated for the “Outstanding charity‘ award and Andrew being nominated for ‘Inspiring Volunteer‘ at this year’s Andover Inspiration Awards which will be held at the Lights on July 8th.

For more information email or search them up on Facebook search Andover Round Table.