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POLL: Should Andover’s ‘Clown Council’ be abolished?

Andover Clown Council Town Council
ANDOVER: Clown Council

The elected members of Andover’s town council need to have their heads banged together.

The ‘filibustering’ and ‘blocking‘ that we have seen at town council meetings since May’s elections is utterly unacceptable. It does nothing to represent the people of Andover, but permits the grandstanding and bolstering of egos of the elected members.

This can no longer be tolerated.

The actions and comments from certain members of Andover town council belittles the will of the good people of Andover – the very people who voted them into their position of power.

Our call yesterday was to ask you if you would agree to the dissolution of Andover town council. We admit, this is an elaborate approach to find a solution to the ongoing problem – but something MUST be done to stop this ‘circus’ and make sure your views are represented.

We are very grateful for the huge number of incoming messages of support we have received in the past 24 hours, but we also accept that some people will not agree with our stance. We are happy to call that ‘democracy’.

Regardless of the outcome of the poll we have launched online today, we really just want to ‘bang the heads together’ of those who occupy elected positions of power and remind them that YOU put them there – to do the best possible job for our town.

So, today we release this simple online poll, a basic ‘YES’ or ‘NO’ to the question:

“Should Andover town council be abolished”?

Please remember, Andover’s town council is a parish council and is less than a decade old. For absolute clarity, we are not referring to Test Valley Borough Council.

We have no hesitation in agreeing that there are a number things that the town council have done which has helped and supported the people of our town. However, the current ‘faction’ between individuals and parties is costing us taxpayers money.

We want the best for Andover. We fully appreciate that you may not agree with our challenging view and we are entirely prepared to accept that you may wish to keep the town council in its current form; but we really do think that this circus of egos need to stop. Whatever the outcome.

If you only believe the local newspaper or personal comments on social media, then please consider us another way to express and expose the views and will of the people who have the right to vote in Andover.

We have begun discussions with Test Valley Borough Council, the ‘parent authority’, on the required legal processes and we are aware that discussions between the those authorities have already started.

We are planning to construct an open public meeting – hosted by an independent party – so that you may have the chance to question and challenge those in power; giving them a chance to be answerable to your questions. We will be formally announcing this next week.

We want to know your view:

Should Andover town council be abolished?

Your views can be expressed by clicking here (link to Facebook).