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Quit4Life is Still Continuing to Make Excellent Progress in Andover

According to government research, six out of every ten smokers in the UK wants to give up. But the study also showed that going cold turkey was the least successful method, meaning that a lot of the people who want to kick the habit are unable to do so.

Andover and the surrounding region is one of the most successful places in the country when it comes to quitting, and this is thanks to the Hampshire initiative, Quit4Life. Anyone in town who wants to start leading a healthier lifestyle could try the scheme which offers support to people who want to stop. There are also some alternative ways to get nicotine which could prove useful.

What Good Work Has Quit4Life Done So Far?

Quit4Life is an organisation which provides a free NHS service across Hampshire, dedicated to helping smokers give up smoking. The professionals offer support and initiatives to help people overcome one of the biggest obstacles they will ever face. These include top tips from people who have been through the transition from smoker to non-smoker. There are numerous success stories from people who have managed to quit thanks to Quit4Life.

Barbara from Southampton said that she found giving up fairly easy by turning to Quit4Life. She went for weekly consultations and used some nicotine replacement therapy which included lozenges and a mouth spray. Jacquie from Farnborough also managed to kick the habit with help from Quit4Life. She had smoked for forty years but found that she was able to stop in ten days by using a course of prescribed medication.

What Are the Other Options for Smokers Who Want to Quit?

As mentioned above, the method of quitting with the lowest success rate is to simply rely on willpower alone. According to Dr. J. Taylor Hays, director of the Mayo Clinic Nicotine Dependence Centre, only three to five out of one hundred people trying to give up using the cold turkey strategy will succeed for longer than six months. For this reason, it makes more sense for people who are serious about stopping to use nicotine replacement options as a way to wean themselves off cigarettes.

One of the most popular alternative ways to get nicotine in the UK now is to use snus. This is a smokeless nicotine product which can give users the fix they need without having to breathe in any of the dangerous chemicals from cigarettes. Tax Free Snus offers a variety of fresh flavours including White Fox Slim and RITE Original Large, and these can be ordered for delivery. Other similar options include nicotine patches or nicotine gum.

With all of the above cases, it seems that a combination of approaches is the most effective way to break free from the chains of cigarette addiction.

Quit4Life is doing some excellent work in the Hampshire community, but if people want to do it alone they have various options including enticing alternatives like snus. The number of smokers in the UK is shrinking every year, and this is thanks to the plethora of options that wannabe quitters have.