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Poet's Corner

My mind’s a kaleidoscope

My mind’s a kaleidoscope  looking at the colours shimmering  a glimpse of glimmering  reflections never the same  when the illusion is a...

Poet's Corner

Do I really like poetry?

Do I really like poetry? Do I like the words, the rhythms the meanings driven up the motorways of life? the cars spilling out pollution the arguments with the...

Poet's Corner

Life is sweet and sour

You were a butterfly  fluttering in the headlights of a car. A wolf looking up at the stars and crying to the moon a vigil for the resurrection  a...

Poet's Corner

If I was a superhero

I am a nightmare in blue pants.I do my little dance.Then beat you.On cue.Cause I am a super hero.Super I said not superzero.Superman’s got nothing on me.I can...

Poet's Corner

Heart or Hope

Hope speaks yet my heart feels tears flow down my cheek at least I am real Hope or heart  to feel the pain Or to look for the sunshine in the rain Faking...

Poet's Corner

Marmite Man

Like chalk and cheese my words are either cheesy or clever I split the room the divide I sever. I either ascend or I sky dive nose dive into a drink make you...

Poet's Corner

Got a throwaway bible

Got a throwaway Bible Got a morality from a collection of friends suggestions Got an invitation to the afterlife the great beyond but the ticket say invalid...

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