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Poet's Corner

Where do I draw the line?

Where do I draw the line?  Often lines are drawn across pages. across school yards and stages across the emotions we keep and our faces Walls like lines...

Poet's Corner

The Raven Speaks

This poem is about a woman who endures emotional abuse by her partner. Click on the top image to view the poem’s artwork I used to listen and hear I used...

Poet's Corner


Pancake Pancake pancake why won’t you mix? Pancake pancake why do you stick? Pancake pancake why don’t you go to plan? Pancake pancake why do you get burnt in...

Poet's Corner

The Red Queen

The Red Queen sits on her throne off with their heads she’s all alone in the garden of white roses she is off to paint the roses red her executioners sword...

Poet's Corner

If I was a superhero

I am a nightmare in blue pants.I do my little dance.Then beat you.On cue.Cause I am a super hero.Super I said not superzero.Superman’s got nothing on me.I can...

Poet's Corner

McDonalds Messiah

He’s a super saver eating away sins Preaching about din dins Freedom fries cheese burgers with the cross all it costs is very little just your belief and a bit...

Poet's Corner

Icky Illnesses

Purple polka dot flue Strange diseases we had no clue smacked face rash medical knowledge crash nose bunged up drinking foul tasting medicine from a plastic...

Poet's Corner

I am not the last Jedi

I am not the last Jedi not a dead eye sharp shooter not a starship trooper or a mercenary looter I am not a fearless leader My heart bleeds  and I fight...

Poet's Corner

Andover Ash tree stream

Rising from the Ash trees we are the dust  from those trees  the first man and woman rose from the ashes maybe we were born in the fires of dead...

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