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When the ghosts of Christmas’s past won’t go, they just laugh at all your efforts for this Christmas time the air freshener scent of pine won’t hide the smell...

Poet's Corner

Christmas memes

When crystalline flakes fall from the sky and Santa’s reindeer fly  when carrots are left out on the side and sleighs rides glide mince pies and a glass...

Poet's Corner

The Red Queen

The Red Queen sits on her throne off with their heads she’s all alone in the garden of white roses she is off to paint the roses red her executioners sword...

Poet's Corner

A simple word

It’s what everyone wants Writes about with computer fonts It is the highest hope the greatest need To be free from war To need no more It’s in the...

Poet's Corner

Stay strong

The battle maybe short the war might be long but with your heart and mine we both belong in the present moment together the tether keeps us here the undoing of...

Poet's Corner

The Escapist

Sometimes my escaping leads to me scrapping myself off the floor. Substance abuse let loose has become my demon from which I have no freedom. Lost in chaos I...

Poet's Corner

End of an Era

Records and tapes times that were great when mobile phones didn’t exist or were brick like we went on hikes  long walks football games in the park until...

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