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Poet's Corner

In a rainbow

In the rainbow we shared Was a love note We smote the dragon I once was Left him falling  But he came back and burnt our children’s homes Sticks and...

Poet's Corner

These are the days

There are days when we toy with innocence there are days when wear despair as our clothes days when we truly open our eyes days when we want to keep them...

Poet's Corner

Sister of the maelstrom

Black clouds are brewing in distant skies Storm crows are shrieking their calls and cries What buildings? What walls will stand? Where she strides worlds...

Poet's Corner

I am a brother

I am one of the least of your brothers. I am neither your son or your lover. I am just another. I am just a face in the crowd. Neither silent or loud. I just...

Poet's Corner

The Rose that never opened up

The rose that never opened up Drinking from a devils cup of denial  You can’t even smile You are all thorns anyway  In the savage light of day you...

Poet's Corner

End credits

I just want to be your end credits I want to be there when you read it I am the watcher in the dark no spark  can light my face a detective case cannot...

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