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The first of the royal duties for Andover carnival Royalty

Today was the first time after winning this years carnival royalty competition that the winners gathered to perform their first royal duty in Andover.

The opening of Test Valley Textiles boutique. You can find out more about Test Valley textiles boutique here

This year Carnival Royalty are;

Princess Samantha Corpe
Prince Logan Dueblack

1st runner up Ellie Lees-Sandey

2nd runner up Kayleigh Cutting.

They also had a chance to get to know each other before a year long of carnival royal duties, which includes leading the Andover carnival this year, with Cllr Iris Anderson, who looks after the carnival royals.

If you would like this years carnival royals to attend an event you can contact the carnival team via email,


The opening event was also recorded live on Test Valley Textiles facebook page.