The #SecretSound

Secret Sound Win Prizes Andover Radio

They say money talks.

And they are right. After we stopped having that particular argument with our accountant, we decided to put our money where our mouth is and spent several weeks locked in a darkened room with the intention of being uninterrupted until we came up with the world’s greatest, newest radio cash give-away competition!

On release from that darkened room this afternoon, we realised that:
a) everyone else has a suntan
b) our accountant shouldn’t have signed us into that 36 month agreement and
c) we couldn’t come up with a better idea than…


Starting very soon on 95.9FM #Andover Radio we will be giving away increasing amounts of wonga all the time you fail to identify an innoccuous sound which we will broadcast each weekday. Is it sellotape being torn from a Christmas present, or is it the sound the paper wrapping makes as you undo a can of corned beef?

To be honest, it’s neither.

But it will drive you bonkers. Can you accurately identify our Secret Sound which starts on 95.9FM Andover Radio on Monday 9th September? Yeah, we designed this so, immediately after the kids have stopped driving you bonkers over the school holidays. It’s our turn.

So whereas we appreciate that Money Can’t Buy You Love we do know that everyone wants Money for Nothing (*terms and conditions apply etc).