Time To Show The Owners?

There are various sites in Andover that do not do it any favours. Is it now time to start showing us who the owners are? [Read more...]

There are various sites around the town that do not do it any favours such as:

  • Haydon Cars on Salisbury Road
  • The Old Tannery on Shepherds Spring Lane (images below)
  • Anton Laundry on Marlborough Street

In addition there are various empty shops in town that also do not do it any favours.

Old Wessex Fixings Building

The following is a 4 point plan on how this could be resolved:

  1. The council inform (and enforce) that all developments must be properly secured and kept in a reasonable state.
  2. All sites must have a prominent notice of the landowner, developer or agents details. This would be the people liable for any fines.
  3. TVBC have a procedure for dealing with complaints and details on their website with updates.
  4. The owner should be given a period to get the work done, and if it is not then TVBC can instruct a third party to do it and charge the owner.

Whether this is done with current powers or by introducing a by-law, this would be down to TVBC to decide.

It would be worth having a page where people can see if a site has already been reported and TVBC can add brief updates to keep people informed. This should reduce the amount of duplicated reports sent in as well.

If it is going to be done then it needs to be done sooner rather than later!

Old Wessex Fixings Building

Photos courtesy of Paul Bevan

Updated 8th July 2013

Amended name from Wessex Fixings Building to The Old Tannery