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Bernie Love: Elvis fan birthday fundraiser for COVID-19 healthcare support appeal

Local resident and Elvis fan Bernie Lucker celebrated his birthday last Friday (9th October) and wanted to use his birthday to raise money for the COVID-19 healthcare support appeal and inject a bit of fun in the process.

Using Facebook on his profile, Bernie (65) created a video to raise donations by doing the ’25 press up challenge’, but also added humour to the video to raise a smile at the same time by dressing up as Elvis and performing a small sketch.

Bernie told Andover Radio “You must check out the video, it will really put a smile on your face, and by doing this the community might donate what is affordable”.

Bernie set himself a target of £150 to raise but has now raised over that now and is currently at time of writing on £165. There are still 12 more hours to donate and you can watch the video below and you can donate here.

Bernie, who originally is from London moved to Andover in the mid 60’s and passionately shared his fond memories of growing up in Andover, from attending Vigo School to his working life in which him and his wife were the steward and stewardess of Andover golf club.

Have a look at this guys, if it tickles your fancy give a few quid to COVID-19 HEALTHCARE SUPPORT APPEAL (link for the fundraiser is below) stay safe and I love you all.. ❤️❤️❤️💋💋💋.

Gepostet von Bernie Lucker am Samstag, 3. Oktober 2020