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Support a stranger and spread The Love at Café bridge

Sisters, Emma Smith and Danni Targett who manage the day to day running of the Café Bridge, this week have launched the ‘Pay it forward’ scheme to provide meals and drinks for complete strangers all in the name of love.

The idea of the ‘pay it forward scheme’ is so you can pay in advance for someone’s else’s meal or hot drink for those who maybe down on their luck, lost their purse, out of work or homeless then they can have access to a meal and a drink and some comfort for a while. Anyone can come along to the café Bridge located on Bridge street in Andover and purchase an extra item off the menu to allow others to redeem it later, the beautiful gift of kindness.

Dani told 95.9FM Andover Radio ‘We have been overwhelmed at the response we have had and people’s generosity, just on day one (Monday 12th October) we had over £50 worth of donations and we are hoping for it to grow’

Emma hopes other businesses follow suit and get involved with the scheme too to spread the love. Emma explained to 95.9FMAndover Radio that they often see a lot of homeless people come into the Café seeking a safe space, warmth and a chat. Being able to provide a hot meal for a diabetic man this week was really lovely. The gentleman is homeless and this small act of kindness could have stopped something more sinister happening.

The sisters are often helping others, providing as much support as possible to those who have found themselves in a less fortunate position. Whilst Andover Radio visited for a much needed coffee, Emma was arranging support for another homeless person in Andover who needed a vet to look over their dog. ‘Everyone needs a little support, especially at the moment as things are really tough with Covid and people being furloughed. The scheme is so we can spread the love and help a stranger out at a time where they may be struggling and help to put a smile back on their face. Lots of the community also want to reach out and help others so we are hoping this small act of kindness takes off and a lot of businesses in Andover join in and make someone’s day.

Danni wrote on their Facebook page ‘Thank you to everyone that has contributed so far. As you can see, our counter has been flourished in love and support. If you would like to participate either as a donor or a recipient, our opening times are from Monday to Friday, 9.30-2pm.’