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Enjoy! new flavours from local business

Enjoy! Chocolate would like to announce the release of their brand-new Low Sugar Choc Bars, available in mint and orange flavours.

The popular Vegan and Free-From chocolate brand has expanded into the low sugar category, with the launch of their new choc bars. They are made from high-quality ingredients and possess the great taste that Enjoy! fans expect, but with just 3g of sugar. Enjoy! add further sweetness to the bars through the addition of Erythritol, Tiger Nut and Inulin.

The Low Sugar Choc Bars have a lower percentage of cocoa solids than Enjoy!’s usual chocolate and the result is a sweeter-tasting and less dark bar. Chris and Steph Crutchley, the founders of Enjoy! note: “At a time where people are increasingly interested in reducing the amount of sugar they eat, we’re delighted to bring our new Low Sugar Choc Bars to market. They are a great option for people not only looking to reduce their sugar consumption, but also for those who love the sweetness of milk chocolate, but can’t eat dairy.”

The business is located the Commercial Centre, Picket Piece.

Enjoy! are currently offering a 20% discount on these two new low sugar choc bars until 15th October 2022, using the code ANDOVER20 on their website: Look out for these bars in your local Holland & Barrett today, or shop via their website