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Richard Hobbs,
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[mks_pullquote align=”right” width=”300″ size=”24″ bg_color=”#c9198a” txt_color=”#ffffff”]*STATUS UPDATE: I’m Richard, I’ll fill this in in twenty minutes…[/mks_pullquote]

My name is anything that you want to call me (but I do like Richard, or Hobbsy) I have 2 amazing children that I would not give up for the world! (Apart form when they want something, then I say “go and ask mummy!”)

I also have 2 cats that drive me MAD at about 3am when they want to play with my feet in the bed. After no more then 3 seconds of playing they learn not to do it again until the next night and it all starts all again.

I was born in the town of Winchester and moved to Andover 8 years ago… and I LOVE ANDOVER. There is always something going on in the town no matter what the weather is!

I have all ways loved the radio (I do have the face for it as well) and I tend to listen to the radio more than watch TV. When I have the opportunity to come and do the travel – you can hear me in the afternoons Tuesday to Friday and sometimes during the day if something big happens on the A303.

I am a big of a geek as well, anything to do with computers I am your man, I love them and sometimes they love me as well.

So for now, I am back in 20…

DATE OF BIRTH: I am of the age of where you had to play games all the way though because there was no save option

FAVOURITE MOVIE: Soppy… Love Actually


LIKES: Family, doing silly things and cats. I love my 2 cats. (Want any pictures?) Finding out about random facts like… The longest take traffic jam was on the 5th April 1985. It was 40 miles long. Glad I did not have to report that one!

DISLIKES: Now, this is going to sound silly but I hate driving in a lot of traffic. I get soooo mad it is unreal!


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