Good morning from Yukon, Northern Canada, next stop Alaska for the warm up race before the Yukon Arctic Marathon later this week! Sponsorship welcome as always to help build the school for children on the Horn of Africa: #PolarEdition ?

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JORDAN WYLIE: And he’s off once more…

Following his evening presenting the Army Photographer of the Year Awards, Andover’s extreme adventurer is off again.

Author and TV host Jordan Wylie is currently in northern Canada getting ready for the National Running Show.

On 22nd January Jordan said he had, “A great evening with Colonel Clinton Riley presenting the winners of the Army Photographer of the Year Awards.”

The awards were also presented by ITV host Lorraine Kelly. The awards were to recognise people in the British armed forces for their photography skills.

“We have some seriously talented photographers in our armed forces, it made me very proud to say the least,” said the former soldier. “Well done to our cadet winner Cadet Sgt Ali Fawzi and overall winner the awesome Cpl Rebecca Brown (RLC). Great also to see a fellow Hussar too there in Colonel Chris McGregor.

Today , our extreme adventurer is in the Yukon (Northern Canada) for the National Running Show, and he’s then heading for Alaska. He says, “There’s a distinct change from Siberia”. The temperature is currently minus 22 degrees. “I’m not feeling good, the temperature can get to minus 50”.

Of the annual awards (in the warm) he said, “Great to share the same stage as running legends such as Linford Christie, Sally Gunnell, Laz Lake, Steve Cram and many more.

“An honour and an important responsibility for me to raise awareness of mental health and highlight how running can change your life for the better, and maybe even save it.”

Jordan is helping to raise money to build a school for children on the Horn of Africa. That might seem an entire hemisphere apart – but we must remember that one day Jordan is in Andover, fulfilling his self-imposed responsibilities as a Pride of Andover Award winner – the next day he’s in sub-zero temperatures in the arctic circle.

Jordan is well-known for supporting mental health and military charities like Frontline Children.

For ‘living life’, you can’t complain about Jordan’s commitment. His efforts are endless he was in Siberia earlier this year for the Siberian Ice Race.

Part of his #runningdangerously campaign, Montane are Jordan’s kit sponsors for his extreme adventures – they have helped him get fully equipped for his trips; particularly the Polar Expeditions for Frontline Children.

He will give an exclusive update to listeners of 95.9FM Andover Radio tonight to Ben Morris after 8:00pm.

His current expeditions are funded with help from Eton Harris and Chartercross Capital Management.

If there is one person you should follow on social media, we think Jordan Wylie is your man. Follow his exploits by clicking here.

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