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New independent shop skates in the Chantry Centre

Test Valley Thrift store, was set to open Saturday 17th October but has been forced to delay until they have internet, however this minor setback hasn’t put a dampener on the team who are ‘excited and looking forward to welcoming new shoppers’

The new independent shop is a ‘new type of shop for a new time’ Chris Osman, manager and youth worker at #AY told Andover Radio “Our core values are community spirit, reuse it, repair, recycle

Test Valley Thrift is the brainchild of Andover local Rob Metsjoa. Along with Chris Osman, Manager and Ethan Maise, Marketing and Social Media. They aim to bring retro fashion at affordable prices to Andover.

Chris told Andover Radio “The current model of fast fashion is unsustainable and damaging our planet for future generations. We’ll be sourcing vintage clothing with the labels and styles you like. At prices you can afford to wear or customise to your own style. With a focus on Street and skate wear, we’ll also be showcasing local artists and designers, including fashion, sculpture and art.

‘The team at TVT are excited, and looking forward to welcoming our shoppers! A new type of shop for a new time! Our core values are community spirit, re-use, repair, recycle. Saying no to fast fashion and waste.

The shop is set to open at 2pm on Thursday the 22nd October and is located at 28a Chantry Centre. Chris said “Pop on down and meet the team. We’re excited to bring this to our town, and hope it can be the start of something amazing. Watch this space for news of our bid for indoor Skatepark and youth hub!

The shop, which is stocked full of vintage fashion such as Adidas, Nike, Reebok. Garden and home supplies, contemporary jewellery and indie fashion designers and will also been stocking skate board supplies and double drop coffee in time too.


Gepostet von Test Valley Thrift Store am Dienstag, 6. Oktober 2020