Does Andover Need an Independent Bus Company?

With the new £3m bus station underway does the town need a small independent bus company? [Read more...]

With the new £3m bus station underway does the town need a small independent bus company?

There are often complaints in Andover about the lack of bus services running on evenings or Sundays. The bus company covering the area (Stagecoach) would no doubt say that it is not financially viable.

We do have taxis into town for usually under £5.00 although this can mount up unless 2 or 3 of you can use it together. Also with the new Youth Pub Nights would it be useful to have transport available?

Renault Minibus

Maybe this is where a small and flexible bus company could come in to cover the shoppers from the edges of town on a Sunday and the restaurant goers during the week.

We are starting to get more shops in the town and with events like the Farmers Markets, maybe now is the time for Andover to start looking at alternatives.

What do you think? Would you use them? Let us know in the comments and you can also vote in the Poll.

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Thanks to Bill McAllister for the initial idea

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  • I am a regular bus user and generally Stagecoach do a good job, what I would say is Andover in contrast to surrounding towns has a poor attitude to bus services, it’s seen in this town as a vehicle to get pensioners into town to get their shopping, and as a last resort for those that don’t have access to a car. I constantly here people saying where I work that they can’t use a bus to get to work because it ether does not run to their area or if it does it doesn’t start until after 9am and then it finishes too early. Andover is slowly clogging up with cars, too many of them, we all need to encourage bus use and encourage stagecoach to run more services at times which help workers as well as shoppers. Sunday services need to be restored. It is detrimental to Andover that we don’t have a single town bus service on a Sunday. Cars are an unobtainable luxury for many of us and the bus is a lifeline.

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