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The Truth

What is the truth? What can one say?

The truth is seen in many ways

The truth as seen from our point of view

May not be the same as others, and this is something to be true.

The truth will out they often say

But what does that mean anyway?

It means that for the truth to be discovered

All the facts must be uncovered.

There’s always two sides to an event.

Two stories to tell and be correct.

But which is which, where lies the truth?

This mystery can hide aloof.

The evidence of truth can be found

But we must care to look around.

Not always believe what we are told.

Discover for ourselves and let it unfold.

Once we know the facts

Then there can be no holding back.

We examine, inspect and double check

To make sure what we have is correct.

And once completed our review

We then know what we must do.

We must look between the lines

And only there the truth will find.

By Kevin Ridgeon

All Honesty Gains

Her name is Truth, Born alone; burden pained to be ever true.
“Always be true to yourself” her words say, as my white lies nibble away.

Warm to the tongue as if no one believes, can I really deceive?

Am I am friend to truth?Does she know me well, as I articulate my way
hither and thither through the language to tell?

Words plucked kindly from ones heart, protecting from hurt.
Truth bending a little, to avoid being curt.

Upon the end, truth does remain,

In time to tell, all honesty gains.

By Michael Johnson


What can be said to explain the idea,

An expression for one often causing fear,

What does it mean to you or me,

Can it be different for each and everyone we see.

Binding and committed a reality of sorts,

Or defined by each individual deep within their thoughts.

One persons truth can be another’s false,

It’s all about perception and circumstance.

So what does truth mean to me,

It’s a value, a principle, an honesty,

It helps me define who I am and want to be,

Real and honest, believable and free.

Being in accord with fact or reality,

Not always easy to maintain,

When in my heart I know “truth” can cause pain,

But with proper management it can limit blame,

Hold strength in relationships not only shame.

By Cathy Sherlock

My own poem for my littleman xx

There is a pain my heart

A pain that will not part

Now you have gone Can life really go on?

My eyes overflow with tears

And my head fills with my fears

I’m reminded of that night I was given my biggest fright

I heard your heart stop beating

I knew that was our last meeting

I held you in my arms so tight

I whispered my last goodnight

I long to hold you near

My son I love so dear

Mummy will always love you

Mummy will always miss you


By Kirsty Norgate

About the author

Dan Hooks

Hi there my name is Dan Hooks and I am a poet.

My poetry has many diverse themes from madness to the mundane, from fantasy and fable to philosophical and the darkness of reality (whatever that is).

I have been writing since I was 18 and have inspired other artists such as Benjamin Heine who created an piece of art work called”filled with fire” from my poem called “Freedom”. That poem was inspired from a quote from Nelson Mandela saying “we are free to be free”. Writing I find is a collaborative process.

I have also written other poems which have been used in language courses in America, Canada and Australia. One of which is called “poem on identity” and the other one is “Antithesis”.

I have a soundcloud account in which I post poems to music and my spoken word pieces. I find spreading my work on various social media platforms really useful for presenting my work.

I am also fond of travelling and have climbed Mount Fuji in Japan visited Finland skied in both USA in keystone Colorado and Whistler in Canada. I find perspective can be found in travelling to other countries and it also helps you appreciate other cultures as well your own.