Poet's Corner


If you opened up your wallet moths would fly out
the phrase skinflint comes to mind
I try not to be unkind
but your looking for a bargain
preferably free
you’re about as generous as Scrooge before a Christmas carol.

You think charity is a bird in retail
you’d only understand if things were in old money
if 50p’s the right price for my art
go away you old fart
you wouldn’t spend a subsistence farmers weekly wage in a year
I thought I was on a budget
but fudge it if you could take the shirt of my back you would
I spend hours on my craft
you find me daft
you think I am stroppy
go on buy my art and make photocopies
for your friends
they’d shut all shops
if they’d rely on you to spend
come to think of it I haven’t seen many
maybe your spendthrift ways are drifting
through town
closing all the shops
no wonder the economies on the down turn
won’t you ever learn!

By Daniel Hooks
alienpoet’s soundcloud

About the author

Dan Hooks

Hi there my name is Dan Hooks and I am a poet.

My poetry has many diverse themes from madness to the mundane, from fantasy and fable to philosophical and the darkness of reality (whatever that is).

I have been writing since I was 18 and have inspired other artists such as Benjamin Heine who created an piece of art work called”filled with fire” from my poem called “Freedom”. That poem was inspired from a quote from Nelson Mandela saying “we are free to be free”. Writing I find is a collaborative process.

I have also written other poems which have been used in language courses in America, Canada and Australia. One of which is called “poem on identity” and the other one is “Antithesis”.

I have a soundcloud account in which I post poems to music and my spoken word pieces. I find spreading my work on various social media platforms really useful for presenting my work.

I am also fond of travelling and have climbed Mount Fuji in Japan visited Finland skied in both USA in keystone Colorado and Whistler in Canada. I find perspective can be found in travelling to other countries and it also helps you appreciate other cultures as well your own.