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Test Valley Models – Doors May Be Closed – But We Are OPEN For Business!

As lockdown part 3 starts to wind down (hopefully for the very last time) – we do have to acknowledge how brutal the impact of Corona Virus has had.

The impact of avoiding Corona Virus – has been tough. For those fortunate enough to have not caught it, has still suffered for a variety of reasons, including financial stress.

I took a trip to Test Valley Models, based in the heart of the Chantry Centre to get Mr. Graham Walters take on how things have been.

Graham told me:

”it has been tough…that is an understatement! I have lost most of my revenue, ever since the first lockdown. There has been grants available, but they are to help keep the business ‘open’. Business rates, rent, electricity, water, insurance, stock…it all adds up. Over the past year there has been a number of occasions where we were told we could open, so naturally, I’d buy stock ready for the opening…only to find out that we go into another lockdown. This presents huge problems as the suppliers want paying and we simply haven’t got the money. I will say that between the chantry centre and Test Valley Borough Council, they have been very supportive and I feel that they’ve been relatively fair with what they have done, in order to keep my shop open… It has given me the chance to look into digital selling, with thanks to yourself (The Money Guy) I’ve managed to understand a little more about how social media marketing works, this has helped. I can’t wait to be open, properly this time!.”

Test Valley models, like all non-essential shops hasn’t actually been forced to closed – the government guidelines were talking about the physical door to the premises, but these types of businesses have been allowed to remain open if they can offer either a delivery or click and collect service.

Social media marketing doesn’t have to be difficult either. Often, just getting the right things in place, like having the right URL, Hashtags, automated messages, description about the business, opening hours, the right call to action button – can all have significant impact on how your business ‘performs’ on social media.

If you would like to see what Graham offers in his shop – Test Valley Models – then click here for a browse of his goodies.

Feel free to reach out to me – Adam@itsthemoneyguy.com if you’d like a quick social media page check.

From all of us at LoveAndover HQ – Good luck with everything Graham!

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