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Thruxton gets life online

Thruxton Village LIfe

The village of Thruxton has enhanced its online presence with the launch of a new village website.

www.thruxtonlife.co.uk provides important information about the village clubs and facilities, local businesses and services , events, COVID-19 and much more.

Residents have submitted details of local walks and also recommendations of places they have eaten and services they have been impressed with.

The village now boasts their own Android app Thruxton Life, which is available to download. An iOS version for Apple devices is also planned. The site runs in parallel with the village Facebook group Thruxton Life to ensure that residents can share and find information.   

Editor Rick Smart says, “One of the positives of the COVID-19 Crisis is that more and more residents of all ages have become more tech savvy as they have got to grips with zoom calls, online chats etc.

“However many residents are still sceptical about Facebook so we felt a website would be a great alternative to promote the wonderful village of Thruxton and keep residents up to date with events”.

If you would like to find out more or promote your business via Thruxton Life, please contact Rick Smart at thruxtonlife@gmail.com.


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