Town Summit Event to Answer Questions

Andover businesses and residents are invited to attend the "Summit Success Event" on Monday 11th November between 4pm and 7pm in the upper Guildhall. [Read more...]

Andover businesses and residents are invited to attend the “Summit Success Event” on Monday 11th November between 4pm and 7pm in the upper Guildhall.

During the event the members of the five working groups involved in the Town Summit will be available to answer any questions you may haveand celebrate the success so far.

Andover Guildhall

TVBC Press Release

A Summit Successes event is to be held in the upper Guildhall, Andover between 4pm and 7pm on Monday, 11 November. The drop-in event is open to local businesses and residents. There will be an opportunity to view what’s happened since the Andover Summit in November 2012 and what is still to come for the town centre. Members of the five working groups responsible for progressing the Summit actions will be on hand to answer questions and explain progress to date.

A free one hour Christmas parking voucher will also be launched at the event for retailers to collect and pass on to their customers. The combination of free parking after 4pm and the Christmas vouchers will provide an incentive to encourage shoppers to come and enjoy what Andover has to offer for the festive season.

In addition there will be a cheque presented to Haygold Carpets, the first Independent Retailers Grant to be awarded in the town.

Councillor Ian Carr, Leader of the Council, said: “The Andover Summit identified a set of priorities to improve the town. Many of these actions have already seen success with many additional markets, entertainment events and activities to draw people to the town. Partnership with businesses has seen the establishment of a pop-up shop in the town and four retailers’ out and about events each providing the opportunity to widen the selection of traders in the town. The success of these events has seen footfall increasing with 18 extra events already planned for 2014, including bringing a new farmers market, organised by the borough council, back into the town.”

The launch of the one hour free Christmas parking voucher, our recent decision to freeze parking charges for two years and the retention of free parking after 4pm, all help to encourage people to shop in the town. There is more to be done with next year seeing the introduction of 23 dash and go parking spaces and 50 reduced cost season tickets for the town’s workers.”

The new year will also see a range of environmental improvements to spruce up the town centre. This will see the removal of unnecessary street clutter, the provision of new signage and communal advertising, the introduction of a hanging basket scheme with retailers, to augment existing planting, and tree planters installed in the High Street.

With 80 per cent of business supporting the introduction of a Town Centre Manager and the enthusiasm of the retailers, business leaders and councillors working in partnership for a better town, I am confident we can continue to make positive progress.

Full details of all the Summit projects will be available at the event and posted on the Council’s website after 11 November. All businesses and local residents are welcome to attend.