Which Community Project Gets Your Vote?

Between now and Friday 23 August 2013, you have the chance to decide which community projects in and around Andover should benefit from a share of £17,000. [Read more...]

Between now and Friday 23 August 2013, you have the chance to decide which community projects in and around Andover should benefit from a share of £17,000.

Over the past few weeks, local community groups have had the opportunity to bid for up to £2,000 as part of Hampshire County Council’s Have Your Say scheme.

You can now vote for them by placing them in your prefered order at the website here.

Test Valley Partnership

Andover & District Mencap

Applied For: £2,000

The project is for the ‘family and fun’ project, to provide activities once a month at the Wellington Centre in a free and safe environment.

Andover Fibromyalgia – Help for Carers Project

Applied For: £1,980

An organisation to bring the Andover Community together who live with Fibromyalgia & M.E and their families. The project is to provide respite care, giving the fulltime carers a well-deserved break enabling them to take part in sports and social activities which usually they wouldn’t have the time to do.

Andover Trees United – Woods & Meadow Project

Applied For: £1,300

A community group who works to encourage and engage local people to participate in long term tree planting and woodland development. The project focuses around Jubilee Wood and Diamond Wood in Andover and will support local people to grow at home different species that can then be transplanted into the meadow. The project will also involve an arts based element where a sculptor will work with local people to design name tags for the different species.

Augusta Park Community Association – Youth Scheme

Applied For: £1,420

The project is to run activities within the summer holidays for young people aged 11-17 and for community members living in and around Augusta Park. Local adults will be encouraged to volunteer their time making it a community-led project. Activities will include art, sports, bingo evenings and orienteering. It is hoped that as a result local people will in time help to run the activities themselves making the project sustainable.


Applied For: £2,000

A Community group has come together to re-develop an existing town centre bowling venue and create a family hub, which will cater for all ages. Once open the hub will provide a range of services such as bowling, family activities, and club nights for over 18’s, activities for older people and advice and information for young people.

Get a Flexi Life – Mulberry House Project

Applied For: £2,000

A Community group who work with young adults with disabilities to support them in volunteering in their local communities. Young adults will go into sheltered housing for older people to prepare lunch, organise and deliver various activities and entrainment for the residents as a way to develop their own skills and build social networks. Initially the project will involve 8 students and 50 older people.

The Three Villages Sports Trust – Sports Pavilion

Applied For: £2,000

Based in and around the villages of Thruxton, Fyfield and Kimpton is a community sports and recreation field. This project led by the trust is to develop a pavilion on the field which can be used by local people and the sport’s clubs that access it. The new facility will provide changing rooms and mean that a wider range of sports can take place on the field. The community has been fund raising and has secured planning permission. It is hoped the new pavilion will be open in 2014 if funding can be secured.

The Anton River Conservation Association – Anton River Restoration Project

Applied For: £2,000

A Volunteer based organisation who carry out practical conservation tasks such as river restoration, river cleans, tree planting and much more. The project aims to bring together members of the local community from all different ages and backgrounds to become volunteers and help restore the River Anton in Andover.

Upper Clatford Parish Council – Balksbury Bridge Wild Garden

Applied For: £500

The project is to plant a wild garden as a community focal point for local people. It is also hoped that the project will enhance local wildlife. The Garden will be alongside the existing playing field and the work to create the garden will be undertaken by local volunteers themselves.

Wallops Amateur Singers & Performers Society – WASP’s Children’s Workshop

Applied For: £2,000

The project is to provide weekly drama sessions to young people who access the WASP’s youth group. Working with professionals in partnership with the Winchester Theatre Royals education department, the sessions will seek to develop skills and build confidence of the young people. Being a project in a rural area it will provide access to those who are unable to get into town.