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What's in a name? Richard Kidd

Every week local onomatologist Richard Kidd researches some popular surnames in Andover.

Richard’s weekly feature is on 95.9FM Andover Radio on Saturday mornings around 9.30am. It is repeated periodically through the week. Following requests from listeners, this week he looks at the names Bradbury, Budgen, O’Donnelly and Butt.

“Butt is not an uncommon name in Andover”, says Richard. “It would mean someone who regularly did archery or someone who lived near an area where archery was prevalent”.

“If your surname is O’Donnelly, you may have royal connections. It’s possible you were descended from an old Irish king”.

Richard has previously researched the names including Chatfield, Moseley and Bulpitt.

Mr Kidd, a former Andover town councillor says, “I have been interested in names since I studied at Ottershaw School in Surrey in the 1970s.

Richard will uncover details about a different name each week and if you have a name common to Andover, or an unusual surname, he would like to hear from you. Name based on personalities will be discussed over the Christmas week.

To have your surname researched by Richard, please email:


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David Harber

David Harber is the founder and Managing Director of Love Andover, including the Love Andover Observer newspaper and 95.9FM Andover Radio. He is a fellow at the Royal Society of Arts and a card carrying member of the Nation Union of Journalists.