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Poetry from Andover’s Poet Laureate and collections of work from other Andover poets.

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McDonalds Messiah

He’s a super saver eating away sins Preaching about din dins Freedom fries cheese burgers with the cross all it costs is very little just your belief and a bit...

Poet's Corner

Icky Illnesses

Purple polka dot flue Strange diseases we had no clue smacked face rash medical knowledge crash nose bunged up drinking foul tasting medicine from a plastic...

Poet's Corner


Tall tales Set sail Holy grail Is a womb the truth is  way beyond a tomb Longing for room to widen my smile all the while I do it in style A Paper...

Poet's Corner

Andover Ash tree stream

Rising from the Ash trees we are the dust  from those trees  the first man and woman rose from the ashes maybe we were born in the fires of dead...

Poet's Corner

This movement language

In my head I have needles and thread all over place I maybe a head case but she speaks unkind and kind words  birds fly off course  spoken word...

Poet's Corner

Crazy to live

Crazy to live In the current trends crazy to watch other people’s lives end mad to be free and crazy to be attached equally crazy to be balanced and matched in...

Poet's Corner

I will find your heart

Burning pain the sadness again not my choice my voice lost in a echo My echoing voice  Cries out for you silence stings to fill it with you Your voice echoes...

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